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Leverage the value of your digital assets without liquidating them. Using our decentralized, peer-to-peer lending services, DeFiner allows you to unlock the value of your assets at an affordable, low rate.
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Borrowing Methods
Browse loan offers
Propose a loan
Borrow from savings account
Lending Methods
Browse and fund proposed loans
Make a loan offer
Deposit into a savings account
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How It Works
Step 1
Sign up, browse the loan offers, or request your own. Or borrow from your savings.
Step 2
Accept the terms and deposit the collateral. You will receive your funds instantly.
Step 3
Make payments on your loan and even payback with collateral.
Step 1
Sign up and connect your wallet. Fund requested loans or propose your own.
Step 2
Negotiate and accept terms. Once confirmed, sit back and relax.
Step 3
Effortlessly earn interest on your pending loans. Low risk, high reward.
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Seamlessly earn, lend, borrow, and swap in one place 24/7/365 on our web and mobile app.
Security Is Our Priority
DeFiner’s decentralized platform is powered by audited smart contracts for full security and transparency.
On top of audits, our platform is insured by Nexus Mutual to protect users from losses.
Best Rates
No middlemen means increased premiums for lenders and decreased costs for borrowers.
Flexible Terms
Customize your collateral, currency, interest, and terms for lenders and borrowers alike.
Protection Fund
Other than being insured, we have a protection fund to cover any potential losses.
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